Discounted Laboratory Installations for Junior Secondary Schools & High Schools in Kenya.

A Kenyan engineering and manufacturing firm becomes the latest entrant into the ISIC Kenya’s benefit partner list. In a bid to expand the benefit basket for its academic partners, ISIC Kenya has entered into a benefit partnership agreement with Axel Engineering. Axel Engineering is among the few accredited KICD suppliers in Kenya, having received their accreditation from Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development – KICD.

Over the last five years, the Ministry of Education has progressively rolled out a competency-based curriculum, commonly referred to as CBC. According to UNESCO, CBC is a curriculum that emphasizes the complex outcomes of a learning process (i.e. knowledge, skills and attitudes to be applied by learners) rather than mainly focusing on what learners are expected to learn about in terms of traditionally-defined subject content. This method is deemed to be more interactive and engaging, leaving a lasting impression on a learner and triggering deeper interest in the elements of discussion. It is with such learning experiences, that learner start focusing on their career paths.

Axel Engineering fully understanding the need components of CBC, conceptualized a mini laboratory for junior secondary schools and high schools. The mini labs are fully equipped to aid a teacher in giving well laid out lessons with practical examples to showcase in either, biology, physics or chemistry as they cover the laid-out syllabuses for those subjects.

Academic partners under the ISIC Kenya umbrella will now have an opportunity to make some savings for their schools, upon earning a 5% discount through the ISIC and Axel Engineering Partnership.

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