Coding has become more accessible in Kenya, courtesy of Smart Brains Kenya & ISIC Kenya.

Smart Brain Kenya has made learning for schools in Kenya more accessible, by entering into a benefit partnership with ISIC Kenya.

Speaking at the partnership signing, Lemuel Kinyanzwii, founder of Smart Brain intimated his belief, that Kenyan children deserved an opportunity to learn how to code, as is being experienced in developed countries such as China and USA.

Lemuel, a teacher by profession was disturbed by the content that learners were being provided with; he found it too basic to trigger excitement or passion within a learner’s ability. A trip to India in 2019 informed his decision to form Smart Brain Kenya, when he found very young children well versed and with abilities to code. Upon his return from India, he wound up the music coaching business and ventured into Smart Brain.

When asked to highlight a key milestone over the last 4 years, Lemuel stated that, witnessing how young ROPHINE International School learners, used knowledge taught in coding an Android app was used to provide a solution to combat negative effects of climate change, converting it into a business entity and raise funding for the same.

“It is apparent that coding is a relevant 21st century skill that enables children to be innovators and thus competitive locally and at the global arena. It is with this notion, that we are driven by the sincere belief that children in Kenya deserve the opportunity to learn how to code as they position themselves for opportunities locally and internationally”, said Mr. Kinyanzwii as he signed off the partnership.

The partnership between Smart Brain Kenya and ISIC Kenya, will see ISIC Academic Partners earn a 5% discount for every coding course offered by Smart Brain Kenya.

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