EdTech; a commonly used word in the education ecosystem in Africa. EdTech basically sums up the words “Educational Technology”. Educational Technology is well summarized by Wikipedia as “the combined use of computer hardware, software, and educational theory and practice to facilitate learning.”

Interesting to note, the COVID 19 pandemic caused a major disruption in the education ecosystem, which in turn ignited a new approach to learning across the globe. In Kenya, schools were closed indefinitely in March 2020, causing a bit of a frenzy for both school administrators and parents. Within 2 weeks of the shutdown, schools in urban areas had created Zoom lessons and learners shifted from physical lessons to online classes. Unfortunately, the uptake for the online lessons was relatively low, sighting affordability challenges; internet access was deemed expensive and gadget acquisition was out of reach for the larger percentage of both teachers and parents. Later in the year, schools reopened partially for primary and secondary school finalists to prepare and sit for their final exams.

The above is simply a brief synopsis of the birth of, enhanced, affordable, and accessible EdTech solutions. A notable gain in the EdTech space

In comes LOHO Learning, a key benefit partner for ISIC

One of the notable corporate players in this space is the Mastercard Foundation, who have started their journey back in 2019, through their Centre of Innovative Teaching and Learning started working with tech hubs to enable digital content, learning management platforms, workforce and skill, tutoring and testing and online learning content in Africa. {Source:}.

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