As the benefit partner portfolio continues to expand, Anga Cinemas becomes the latest entrant into the ISIC Kenya basket of partnerships. This was witnessed on June 22, 2023, when ISIC Kenya and Anga Cinemas entered into a partnership agreement, under the leadership of Anga’s General Manager Mr. Kenneth Kimutai, while the ISIC Kenya Team, was led by Mr. Hamisi Hassan – Managing Director, Charleston Travel Limited.

The cinema scene in Kenya has quite a story to tell, with the very first cinema/theatre – ‘The Theater Royal’ being opened in 1912, two years after Kenya featured as a film destination. The theater later rebranded to ‘Cameo’; the building still stands as ‘Cameo’ though, there is no screening of movies anymore.

History informs us that in 1909, the country was featured as a destination of choice to the then American President, Theodore Roosevelt, when he transversed across several countries within East & Central Africa – the modern day Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan and Sudan. This historic occurrence was captured on tape by one Cherry Keaton, a British wildlife photographer who had been hired by the American President. It is from that filming, ‘Roosevelt in Africa’ was produced to be later screened in 1910.

Fast forward to 1940’s, mobile cinemas were introduced by the then colonial government, and were used as a key tool of communication by the government. The mobile cinemas focused on education and other key government agendas for communities and were solely owned and ran by the government – both pre & post independence. However, with the entry of Television, Radio and privately owned cinemas, popularity for the mobile cinemas dwindled and, the industry has metamophisized into a key player in the enterainment scene and continues to grow.

As a country, we now record over a century of active participation within the film industry. Kenya now has over 30 cinema screens spread across the country, with Anga Cinemas boasting of three (3) different locations with a total of six (6) screens within Nairobi. The distinct choice of locations for Anga Cinemas, allows them a high footfall, which in turn pushes their popularity within families, teenagers & young adults as they source for easy to access entertainment spots.

The partnership between Anga Cinemas and ISIC Kenya, will see all ISIC members gain recognition and enjoy a discounted rate whenever they present their membership at all Anga Cinema outlets. Anga’s growth scope is currently focusing on increasing their presence both in Nairobi and other major cities, with a projected increase of at two more locations within the next 12 months.

ISIC Kenya/Charleston Travel Team.
Left – Mr. Kenneth Kimutai – Anga Cinema, General Manager. Right – Mr. Hamisi Hassan – Charleston Travel Limited, Group Managing Director.

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